Cell-Enriched Fat Grafting

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There are many cosmetic surgery procedures available that can enhance your appearance and, in turn, improve your self esteem. Today, state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to use your own fatty tissue to naturally enhance the shape and appearance of your face and body. This process, called cell-enriched fat grafting, offers patients long-lasting improvements that look and feel natural without the use of foreign substances or risk of rejection.

The cell-enriched fat grafting procedure is quite advanced and requires specialized surgical and artistic skills. Dr. Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff is the first plastic surgeon in Switzerland to offer cell-enriched fat grafting at his Concept Clinic in Geneva, Switzerland. He has helped to refine the technique and has the experience to use it successfully.

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Dr. Schlaudraff
Dr. Schlaudraff

What is Fat Grafting?

Traditional fat grafting, also called fat transfer, lipostructure, or autologous fat transfer, has been used for decades to enhance one area of the body with fat that is removed from another area through liposuction. The patient's shape is improved by:

  • Sculpting and reducing areas that have excess fat
  • Augmenting and reshaping areas that lack volume (such as small breasts or flat buttocks) or have lost fat due to aging, disease, or other factors

However, the results from traditional fat grafting are often unreliable because the transferred fat does not consistently develop a sufficient blood supply. As a consequence, the transferred fat is not properly integrated into the recipient area, a significant proportion of it is eventually absorbed by the body (30 to 60% of the graft volume) and the end results are often unsatisfactory.

Fat grafting can increase breast volume in procedures like breast augmentation and breast reconstruction in Geneva, Switzerland. For breast enhancement, the fat is injected into the fat tissue of the breast. The transferred fat increases the total volume of fat tissue within the breast, but does not change the volume of milk-producing (glandular) tissue.

What is Cell-Enriched Fat Grafting?

Cell-enriched fat grafting improves upon traditional fat grafting through technology developed by Cytori Therapeutics. Dr. Schlaudraff is a key participant in the Cytori research group and has developed special knowledge and insight into the technology and methodology. This new technology incorporates an advanced understanding of the composition of fat tissue. Technically called "adipose tissue", fat contains high concentrations of mesenchymal stem cells and a variety of other specialized cells, called "adipose derived regenerative cells" (ADRCs) that facilitate healing and are necessary for blood supply development.

Removing fat tissue through liposuction disconnects it from its blood supply. When the fat is transplanted, it requires a new blood supply to sustain it with oxygen and nutrients; otherwise, the transplanted fat cells will die. By combining purified fat cells with stem cells and ADRCs into a cell-enriched fat graft, the transplanted fat is able to survive. It integrates with the body, restores or augments soft tissue volume and eventually functions like the normal fatty tissue in the body, varying in volume as the patient gains or loses weight.

Benefits to You

At his Concept Clinic, Dr. Schlaudraff performs the most advanced body sculpting techniques available. Using cell-enriched fat grafting, he helps his patients lose undesired fat from one area and gain volume where they want it most. This technique can be used to meet a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery needs.

Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Schlaudraff uses cell-enriched fat as an injectable filler to correct many signs of facial aging. It can soften wrinkles, restore soft-tissue volume, and improve minor imperfections. Facial rejuvenation with fat tissue has also been found to improve skin texture and tone while minimizing discoloration.

Body Sculpting

While liposuction is commonly used to reduce areas of unwanted fat, cell-enriched fat grafting can enhance many areas of the body by adding volume. It can enhance the natural contours and increase the overall size of the buttocks when used in a "Brazilian Butt Lift." Other uses include restoring volume to the back of aging hands and repairing soft tissue defects of the arms and legs, for example after an accident or unsatisfactory previous liposuction.

Cell-Enriched Fat Grafting Candidates

The best candidates for fat grafting have realistic expectations, a healthy body weight, a regular exercise routine, and nutritious eating habits. If the patient does not have sufficient excess fat, Dr. Schlaudraff may recommend using a different treatment, possibly in combination with cell-enriched fat, to achieve the desired improvements.

Your Consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Schlaudraff at his cosmetic plastic surgery clinic in Geneva, Switzerland, you will discuss how you feel about your appearance and what specific changes you would like to make. Dr. Schlaudraff will then perform a thorough physical examination and carefully evaluate the quality of the skin, fatty tissue, and underlying muscles. This information will enable him to create a customized plan to meet your individual goals, possibly including recommendations for additional treatements or procedures.

Surgical Procedure

Dr. Schlaudraff performs the procedure in state-of-the-art surgery center while the patient is under either local or general anaesthesia. He will likely begin by performing ultrasound liposuction to efficiently and gently remove the excess fat tissue. He will follow with VASER® Hi Def™ liposuction to sculpt and refine the areas.

The extracted fat tissue is then divided into 2 samples. One sample is processed with a specialized Cytori Celution® instrument to extract the stem cells and ADRCs from the tissue. The remainder of the fat tissue is washed in order to remove cell fragments and other impurities, producing a sample of viable, purified fat cells. The sample of highly concentrated stem cells and ADRCs is then combined with the purified fat to create a cell-enriched fat graft which Dr. Schlaudraff injects into the face or body.

The entire procedure takes approximately 2 to 5 hours to complete, depending on the number and complexity of treatment areas. After surgery, patients are advised to stay in the hospital for 1 to 2 days for optimal recovery.

Your Results

After the procedure, patients might experience bruising, swelling, and soreness in the areas treated with liposuction and at the sites of the fat grafting. This will subside within about 2 to 6 weeks. A few days following surgery, you can expect to resume light activities. Within 7 to 10 days you should be able to return to your normal level of activity. Your final results will be achieved within 6 months.

Enhanced areas will look and feel completely natural, like any other part of your body. The transferred fat will integrate with the surrounding fat, giving you the shape you desire and varying with your weight fluctuations.

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